Amazing Handmade Christmas Cards (part II)

As each level has done a different christmas' card, older pupils want to show their cards too.
Hay new year 2017!

Como cada nivel ha hecho una postal navideña diferente, los mayores del cole queremos mostraros nuestras postales también.
¡Feliz año nuevo 2017!




First, second and third grade, created these gorgeous chistmas' cards over the last weeks.

In Art class we made the cards and in English class we wrote the text.

With them we want to wish you a happy 2017. See you soon.


Thanksgiving Day, 5th grade

Hello! Yesterday it was Thanksgiving Day and today, fitfh grade’s pupils have learnt a bit of that celebration.

We have seen a video of the story of the celebration and we have done little turkeys with our hands. Finally, we have done a Word search.


¡Hola! Ayer fue el día de Acción de gracias y hoy, los alumnos de 5º hemos aprendido un poco sobre esa celebración.

Hemos visto un video sobre la historia y hemos hecho unos pavos con nuestras manos. Finalmente, , hemos hecho una sopa de letras.



Hello everyone.
Even though we have been working for a while, we haven´t had the opportunity to share our work. From now on, we will use this blog systematically because we consider a good way to inform about all, and an educational resource.
This year were are collaborating in an Europeam Proyect with other ten centres of Europe through eTwinning. The project is called "Friendship is a rare flower", it will be worked in an interdisplinary way some subjects such as English, Arts, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences.
Moreover we will share different works that we do through the English language.
Don´t miss it and follow out our steps.


Hola a todo el mundo.
Aunque llevamos un tiempo trabajando, no habíamos tenido la oportunidad de compartir nuestros trabajos. A partir de ahora, utilizaremos este blog de forma sistemática, pues lo consideramos un medio para informar y sobre todo un recurso didáctico.
Este año estamos colaborando en un proyecto europeo, con diez colegios de Europa a través de eTwinning. El proyecto se llama "friendship is a rare flower", se trabajará de manera interdisciplinar diversas asignaturas como English, Arts, Ciencias Sociales y Ciencias Naturales.
Además, compartiremos los diferentes trabajos que se realizan a través de la lengua inglesa.
No os lo perdáis y seguir nuestros pasos.

Here there are some of our pictures......



This year, we have studied different artists : Arcimboldo and Kandinsky. These are some works that we have made.... Do you like it?